It was revealed yesterday that our current Commander in Chief Donald Trump, in private had echoed many of his words and actions observed in public over the past five years, calling our soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” This has been vehemently denied by White House spinners and apologists, and smoothly and glibly denied by Trump himself, without righteous anger or emotion.

If you are a thinking person, it’s your job to decide whether these new accusations against Trump are true. Let’s examine the public record. Did he belittle John McCain for being captured (and suffering) as a POW? Did he insult Gold Star families, including the Khans? Has he ever confronted his buddy Putin about putting bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan?

Donald Trump’s true feelings and motives are revealed privately (“Just grab them by the pu**y”) as well as publicly, so is there any doubt that he used the terms “suckers” and “losers” when the mikes weren’t on? 

Neither Mark Evnin, an aquaintance through my daughter, nor Anthony “Chuckie” Rosa, my student, nor any of the brave Vermonters who have served, fought for, and died in service were “suckers” or “losers.” They proudly stood up to defend this country against aggressors and terrorists, without question or hesitation. No President, Commander in Chief, whose family has never served, who has never sacrificed, should ever insult that service.

William Thurber

St. Albans

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