Last week, while I was out-of-state on vacation with my family, my detached garage caught fire in Swanton.  Fortunately, a passerby noticed the smoke and called in an alarm.

The Swanton Fire Department responded and quickly extinguished the fire, which originated from an electrical fault involving an engine block heater.  Although a car is the garage was a total loss, the structural damaged was minimized. Most important, the fire did not spread to our home or to other adjacent buildings.  

I commend Chief Jason Butler and the men and women of the Swanton Fire Department for a truly magnificent response.  I understand that firefighters from Highgate and St. Albans Town were also on the scene and that the St. Albans City Fire Department aided in a support role.  My thanks also go to the person who saw the fire and promptly notified the fire department.

Until disaster strikes, we rarely recognize and appreciate the efforts of those friends and neighbors who staff our largely volunteer first responding agencies.  Thank you to our firefighters for all that you do every day and this truly top notch response. 

Randy Brock

 St. Albans

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