Your column about teachers was focused on just the students. If you prefer that angle, please remember that the parents and their students are struggling with the change as well. Most parents and students need the Spring break. They have all worked hard to get their heads wrapped around the change, the format, the technology. Don’t forget about the anxiety of the virus compounded with new parent child roles of doing everything at home. Some parents are stressed with having to deal with the role of homework detail. Others are stressed with their students expecting more out of the parent. It’s very nice of the teachers to spend hundreds of dollars prepping take-home packages for their students while they too qualify for subsidized food and some even qualify for subsidized housing. The teachers are passionate about their students and are supportive of the student caregivers. They are very grateful for having their job. But please remember that students and parents like the consistency of seeing the same teachers return the follow year. It’s difficult to keep a teacher even five years now days.

Thank-you for your empathy and open-mindedness!

PK Davis

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