This is just a passing observation, but Swanton, to this outsider, seems on the rise and it’s about its people and the choices the town’s leaders are making. There was the news of Kathy Lavoie and her appointment by governor to the state board of education. No one works harder that she does, and where is she from? Swanton. There is the new development in the village, the Ace Hardware store that is on its way to being developed. Who is the person behind this? Gordon Winters, of the Winters family, of Swanton. And then, there is Dan Bilado, who has been an elected leader in Swanton for over a decade. Not many people decide to give that much of their lives to the public good. But he sure has. The only problem with Dan is that he’s decided to move to Franklin, which is Swanton’s loss and Franklin’s gain. He’ll probably run for office there. What it gets down to is that it’s all about the people you have leading you. It’s pubic service above personal interests. Swanton’s been pretty lucky.

D. Thompson

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