Over the last few years, I have started to pay attention to Elizabeth Warren more & more, and I was beyond excited that she decided to run for president. I am very enthused to support her on this coming Super Tuesday!

Elizabeth has a really interesting path that is relatable to so many, born in Oklahoma on the very edge of the middle class like so many of us Vermonters. After her father had a heart attack, her mother got her first job outside the home, working for minimum wage at Sears. While that job provided for her family, a minimum wage job today wouldn’t keep a mom and child out of poverty. I relate to this story as my mother had to work many jobs to put food on the table in our house, from being a flagger on a construction site, to working at many convenience store gigs, I saw the struggles of a working-class mother and it has shaped my belfies.

As a young academic, Elizabeth’s research revealed most people filing for bankruptcy were not cheaters or big-spenders – they were families like hers, that had an unexpected crisis and struggled to stay afloat. Her work led her not just to the top of her field, but to Washington, to fight against anti-bankruptcy legislation pushed by lobbyists, and to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – a structural reform that acts as a watchdog over the banking industry and has returned $12 billion to 29 million Americans.

From her story, I learned that she’s a fighter. You don’t go from rural Oklahoma to the United States Senate without being a tenacious, honest fighter. It’s been clear to me for some time now that we need big, structural changes to ensure that my family and many others in my generation get a fighting chance in the world, and don’t have to start out of the gate with a massive disadvantage. I’m voting for Elizabeth because I want the most powerful person in the world to be a woman who knows what it means to struggle, fight, and succeed.

Dustin Tanner

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