On Tuesday our communities entered a new era of the Covid-19 pandemic. All around Vermont our local schools are going back into session as students, parents, teachers and staff try to brace themselves for a new way to teach and to learn. Everyone has a lot of learning and adapting to do, but I’m grateful to be a Vermonter at this time as I have full confidence in our community and our teachers and staff to be able to pull this off! 


Most importantly, I would like to thank and encourage our students as they try to adapt to this new hybrid model of remote learning and in person instruction. This is not easy for anyone. My family is about to go through this process for the first time on Thursday when our five year old will attend his first day of in person instruction at St. Albans Town Educational Center. Here in the Toof household we’re anxious, excited, joyful, and worried about what this year will bring. Thank you to everyone who has made this transition easier!




Rep. Casey Toof

Franklin 3-1 

St. Albans City & Town

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