I was very disappointed to see that our elected Enosburg representative voted against H.688, the Global Warming Solutions Act. But more cringe-worthy was that when she chose to give an explanation for her vote, Felisha Leffler simply regurgitated some boilerplate statement that was exactly - word for word - the same as the one offered by fellow Franklin County Republican, James Gregoire. It was clear they hadn't even proof-read their "vote explanations", because the same typo appeared in both submissions. Is that because they didn't bother to study the bill and were just going through the motions in Montpelier by toeing the party line ?

   I don't object to legislators making use of information from lobbyists, interest groups, or statements from a political party. They have to work to become informed from many sources, and our State House legislators don't have big bucks to hire their own research assistants. We really do have a "citizen" legislature. BUT they do need to show that they have weighed the information, considered it in relation to their own constituents, come to their own conclusions, and expressed their own feelings. All the others out of the 15 House members who gave "vote explanations" offered their own original statements.

   It is simply lame, lazy, and rather arrogant for politicians being paid by their constituents to represent them, to "mail it in" with some think-tank rhetoric. We can do better! We need a representative who is willing to do the heavy lifting required to understand the issues, research the evidence and intelligently vote on any bill before the legislature.

   Dennis Williams is such a person. And, it just so happens, he is running for the Vermont legislature representing Enosburg and Montgomery. Please join me this fall and Vote for Dennis as our Vermont state representative.

                                                                                           Paula Schramm                                                                                                                                                                             Enosburg Falls

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