Dear residents of the Town of Fairfield:

I would like to announce that after 12 years of being your Town Clerk, I am moving on to another position with the federal government. I have given my notice to the Selectboard and will be starting my new job on February 3rd. The decision to leave has not been easy, but I am looking forward to the new professional opportunity I have been offered.

I thank you all for the wonderful opportunity to take care of the Town of Fairfield and its business. It has been an honor to represent you all. You, the Selectboard and my coworkers have, throughout my term, given me all of the support and tools needed to enable me to make some great improvements to the office.  Some of the highlights for me were enhancing the financial system, implementing parcel maps and computerizing the land records. I have also been involved in the construction of three town buildings and numerous road projects. It has been a very busy and productive time in Fairfield! I am pleased to be a part of that history.

So what will the future look like? The Selectboard has broken out my duties into two positions: Town Clerk and Town Administrator. Creating the Town Administrator position allows them to directly hire the person handling the town’s business; providing them the ability to look at a resume and require certain qualifications. It also gives them control over the position since it is not an elected one. I have had both titles for the past two years. Now that I am leaving, those will be two separate positions.

The Selectboard will be appointing Linda Hodet as interim Town Clerk for one month until Town Meeting Day, at which time the position will be up for election.

We will be advertising for the Town Administrator position immediately and hope to have someone soon. In the meantime, I will be staying on in a limited capacity to train and help through the transition. I also hope to remain Treasurer for another three-year term, should you choose to support me in that position at Town Meeting Day. This will also aid in making the transition a smooth one.

I would like to give a special thank you to the Selectboard who has always been open to my ideas and supportive of the advancements made. I have developed a great respect for each one of them and I will miss working together regularly as a team.

Thank you once again for your trust and confidence in me and allowing me to serve you.

I look forward to continuing to see you all and your families around town!

Kindest regards,

Amanda Forbes

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