The protesters for Milk with Dignity actions are misdirected.  They should have been protesting the low milk prices paid  to our local Vermont Farmers.  Ben and Jerry's (Unilever) has been paying farmers below what it  costs them to produce a gallon of milk or cream for years. Unilever negotiates to pay the farmers the lowest price possible and then deflects their responsibility to the producers by claiming high moral ground for Migrant Justice to make them look good in the eyes of the consumer. It is a marketing ploy that the protesters have bought into. 

The protesters are absent when it comes to helping their neighbors and hardworking farmers who not only have not been making a living wage, but have been borrowing money to work twelve plus hours per day. If Ben and Jerry's paid a living wage to the farmer it would benefit everyone in our  rural community including all of their workers, not just the migrant workers..

The protesters need to do their homework before signing up for a cause that is  "politically correct"  but is silent on the helping of the local farmers.  I thought Vermont was about  supporting local agriculture. It appears that the protesters do not care about their local communities. 

Sarah Downes