I would like to comment on the letter of Jan. 8th from Lucy

Lerick, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood

Vermont Action Fund.

     She states that her concern is that reproductive rights are "

now squarely under attack".

I don't believe that abortion rights are under attack.  It is the

rights of ordinary Vermonters that are under attack.  Planned

Parenthood was at the forefront of the passage of H.57, the radical

abortion law passed by the Vermont legislature in 2019.  This law

prevents any regulation of abortion right up to birth and proclaims

that the unborn child "Shall not have independent rights under Vermont


     H.57 does not allows for safety or health regulations that are

common to all outpatient facilities. So clients have no rights to a

clean and safe environment.  There are no requirements that women be

informed before consenting to the procedure, which is unheard of in

any medical clinic.  There is no requirement that an MD do the


     H.57 allows for no parental involvement before an abortion of a

minor daughter in spite of the potential emotional and physical

complications which may occur. Parents do not even have the right to

be informed that an abortion will be performed.

   There are no state limits on the use of tax payer dollars for

abortion-no rights for us who who are horrified at the killing of

precious our Vermont babies.

    H.57 prevents any "Public entity", i.e. any employee of state or

municipal government or school, from "Interfer(ing)" with an abortion.

This leaves open to lawsuit any public employee who offers

alternatives to abortion.  This contradicts our right to free speech.

   Prop.5 is the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would

guarantee no restrictions on abortion.  It was passed by our

legislature in 2019. It must be passed again in a new legislature in

2021-2022. If passed, it would then go to the voters in Nov. of 22.

If passed by voters it would codify in the Vermont Constitution that

unborn children, parents, and women with complications from abortions

have no rights.

    Planned Parenthood is behind these abortion laws.  It is a

billion dollar, multinational corporation.  It is registered as a

nonprofit, but its employees make millions on the misfortune of its

clients.  It brings in millions of dollars from out of state to push

its agenda. It has entirely too much influence in our state.

   Planned Parenthood does not represent the people who live here.  A

2019 Water Cooler survey found that only 29% of Vermonters support

unrestricted abortion. 19% of Vermonters believe there should never be

elective abortions.  52% favor some abortion rights with limits as in

the 3rd trimester or past fetal viability.  The Knights of Columbus

have done a survey every year for the last 10 years and it has

consistently shown that 71% of Vermonters want some restrictions on

abortion.  So Vermonters, educate yourselves on this issue and vote

"No" on the Constitutional Amendment, Prop.5, in Nov.2022.


Anna Gagne, Swanton


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