Two years ago the school asked the tax payers to approve a $16 million bond indebtedness that was voted down due to a lack of specificity providing breakdown of cost and separating need to do versus nice to do portions.  

Thus, I am shocked by a new Bond request this year for a total of $26M broken down in articles I, II & III stated as necessary improvements each of which seems, in my opinion, to be largely nice to do items that are often redundant and duplicate in several areas.  The meeting I attended discussing the request was filled by presenting partisan Fluff comments and opinions in support. Specific funding requests were for addition of elementary class rooms, remaking science class rooms and school entrances and related expenditures as well as articles II & III items for new gym and new auditorium.

Chief among my concerns relate to school wanting to fund the building of a Music, Performance Arts and fourth Gym space agenda that may not be the direction and cost supported by the Fairfax tax payers.  Certainly overhead costs and staffing, items that the school is already challenged to address successfully, would increase significantly, as a result.  As a parent of three Fairfax graduates and former member of the school staff, I see firsthand that trying to be the right thing to all people doesn’t happen because of bond indebtedness, it can be positively influenced by the results of talented, dedicated and hardworking teachers and staff.  It is necessary for the school to prioritize and make choices that support the core needs of students.  

Also changing tides in Washington related to shifting responsibility for funding State and local initiatives from Federal to Local responsibility do not balance with the schools Bond request, student’s real needs and taxpayer’s responsibility.      

For me, I think the Bond request is nuts.  It reminds me of Fluff-er-nutter !

Ken McAvey  


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