A recent experience at a local diner has awakened me to the the insanity running amok in our city, state, and country. Early this morning, with no customers in the restaurant, I walked in without wearing a mask and I was treated as if I had killed a child!. Screaming at the top of their lungs, their staff bellowed, "Sir, you are required to wear a mask". The veracity of the screaming was over the top that early in the morning and it really scared the you know what outta me. Now, of course, walking 10 feet to an empty table in an empty restaurant before 8am, shouldn't be cause for alarm, but it begs the question, what is the purpose of the mask, if I'm only going to take it off 10 feet from the door, at a table in an absolutely empty restaurant. Mind you neither of the two staffers in the restaurant were wearing a mask. It just shows the mindlessness of masks and the silly, contrived compliance factor. Sadly, this restaurant has lost a customer for life.

Keith Longmore

St. Albans

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