Nationwide, and even statewide there have been movements to defund the police. I recently heard that discussion on a local level as well.

  I would agree that police brutality and racial profiling is wrong and needs to be addressed on every level where is persist. The phrase ‘policing the police’ seems sensible and a possible method of addressing particular issues. They should be held to the same standard that we, the public, are held to in our behaviors with each other.

   However, defunding the police seems totally counterintuitive to what we really need to do to address the problem. More training in other methods of conflict resolution might help with the problems, but that might require more funding, not less.

   I am not in favor of any reduction in Police numbers until those who cannot follow society's rules agree to reduce the incidences of their behaviors. Stealing, break-ins, traffic safety violations, drug related crimes,assaults, domestic and otherwise, all will need continued attention by law enforcement officers. That is what we pay taxes for.

    I believe SRO officers might be up for discussions. If the Officer is building positive relationships within the school and his/her presence is potentially deterring an attack on the school, we need more, not less.

  Before action is taken, we need much public input, as this is an issue that affects us ALL. Their effectiveness is up for debate and there are researchers on both sides of the issue. Let's look locally as to their effectiveness before we bandwagon a decision.

Troubled times call for change. But only thoughtful change bears the fruit that we desire and need as a community.


Peter DesLauriers


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