Our state’s economy has been hit hard by the effects of Covid 19. The frightening circumstances faced by Vermont’s businesses and farmers statewide have not been ignored by our state legislature. What have they done to help Vermonters fight this Pandemic? 

Legislators approved over $1 billion in Covid-19 relief spending from the federal government and sent the legislation to Gov. Phil Scott’s desk for approval. 

The money was from Vermont’s share of the Federal CARES Act and came with a spending deadline of December 2020. It is not money from the Vermont treasury.

$70 Million  General Business Grants phase 1

$93.5 Million General Business Grants phase 2

$39 Million Agriculture/Food and Working Lands Grants

$9 Million Technical and Marketing Assistance

$15 Million Local Government Reimbursements

$85 Million  Housing Assistance

$31 Million Connectivity/Utility Assistance

$367 Million Health Care (Incl. Private Providers)

$21.7 Million  Food Insecurity

$14.7 Million Children/Family/Vulnerable Population Support

 There were millions in economic relief dollars for businesses, for broadband expansion, and for assistance for renters, landlords. Specific programs for homeless people were included and about $220 million in aid for businesses.


When Gov.Scott signs the legislation into law, work will have to be done to create the procedures for applying and spending this money.

Carolyn Branagan


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