Bravo!  Bravo!  Your editorial dated Monday April 13, 2020 was spot on.  It articulated perfectly why I never belonged to the VEA/NEA.  I can now add this to a long list of reasons why.

What an absolutely obtuse statement on the part of Secretary of Education David French to say students and families were stressed and that the vacations could “provide them with an opportunity to have some down time.”  I would argue that they have had nothing but down time.  Who are we kidding here?  Certainly not intelligent people. 

This is not to say that teachers and students are doing nothing,  as I know this to not be the case.  I understand teachers are having to be very creative at this juncture and the delivery system of education is far from ideal but that is precisely the point.  Because it is not the normal classroom fare,  all the more reason for that week in April to be used as class time.  After all,  there was a period of about a week where students were in limbo , not knowing if they would be returning to class.  This should be considered the break.

I too see this as a grand public relations opportunity for teachers to say because we are  home anyway we can go the extra mile by forfeiting a week to make up for the disruption made by this less than desirable situation in which we find ourselves. 

There are so many who have had to close businesses and go without a paycheck and those who are uncertain whether they will be able to even return to a job.  From a taxpayer and community vantage point this is not a good look!

 Thanks a lot Secretary French but what can one expect after your Act 46 debacle?

Yours in education,

Paula Bouchard Johnson, ED.M, CAS

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