As an 86 year old I recall my school days and remember being told time and time again to obey the rules.  Those included courtesy, honesty, and waiting your turn in line.  To this day when I’m at the supermarket deli counter and there’s a group of people and no designated line I always wait my turn, or if it’s unclear whose next, is I ask if it’s my turn.  This, I feel is common decency and an indication of adult behavior.

     But with the advent of the appalling Donald Trump and the Republican zombies in the Senate, all those values, all that decency has been thrown out the window.  It’s every person for himself. And like the coronavirus that is causing so much concern it is infectious.  The Democratic National Committee, in an act of unspeakable indecency has changed the eligibility rules for the debates to allow the shamelessly, arrogant former Republican Mayor of New York City  Mike Bloomberg to buy his way into the debates as a conveniently converted Democrat, without raising a single dime from a donor - he is a billionaire after all.

     Please, can you cast your mind back to elementary school when you first heard the mythological tale of George Washington and the Cherry tree.  It established in our immature minds that lying and blatant dishonesty was not acceptable in civilized society.  Well, all that has changed in the body politic in the post-truth Trumpian world.  Young George’s reply would now be: “Nah! I Didn’t chop down the cherry tree. But what if I did - waddya gonna do about it.”

Al Salzman, Fairfield

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