Will the social changes we sorely need be started by black athletes refusing to play for whitey?   One can only hope!   Those of you old enough may remember Stokely Carmichel, who rejected his “slave name”, like Mohammud Ali, and became Kwame Ture, who referred to black athletes as “super athletic menials” who very much like the house slaves in the old south, played their hearts out for white owners who laughed all the way to the bank while they, the black players were denied service in restaurants and hotels.  It’s true, eventually, by organizing, the black athlete - the spectacular ones - began to make big money.  So years ago, Robert Parish, of the Boston Celtics made fair money - but if you watch old You Tube films of the games in Boston Gardens see if you can spot any black faces in the crowd.  Like the rabid baseball fan a significant number of Celtics fans were rabid racists.  I forgot which black baseball player it was who insisted that  his contract should unequivocally state that he not be traded to Boston under any circumstances.

   For decades the black athlete was told to keep his mouth shut - just as Branch Rickey instructed Jackie Robinson to be silent when exposed to vicious race baiting,

so the black athlete making hundreds of thousands of dollars said very, very little about the the plight of the black man in a racist society.  Recall that Michael Jordan when asked why he didn’t speak out infamously said:  “Republicans buy sneakers also!”  So the lid was kept on the garbage can so the stench of racial hostility would be contained - NOT ANY MORE! The courage of kneeling quarterback, Colin Kaepernick changed all that!  If in the midst of all the detestable depravity, lying, greed, sheer stupidity which, are all the norm these days,  one of the bright spots is the growing militancy of people of color who have thrown open their windows and have shouted:  “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it it anymore!"


Al Salzman

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