I believe Swanton and other local towns should introduce police advisory committees. I support the efforts being done in St. Albans town and city to do so. It gives locals a say in how our police departments operate. It can give a voice to people that are traditionally marginalized in our communities a right to speak out. In my opinion it needs to be a committee that is accessible to anyone who takes an interest in policing in their community. It cannot not just be a town committee that has no real influence or that no one pays attention too. If someone in the community wants to join the advisory committee, it should be open for them and not just community leaders or experts (though they are an important voice as well).  

Recent local and national incidents have shown the need for a more community approach to policing. I’m not sure if having a small cap on membership is the best approach. It limits the average citizens ability to join the committee. I hope that community leaders take in mind that local government is not always accessible to everyone in the community and make an effort to outreach people that may not have joined a town committee like this in the past. All voices should be heard in local government and policing. It cannot just be a town's elite or the normal voices. 

Nick Brosseau

Candidate for State Representative for the towns of Swanton and Sheldon

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