Last week I filed my paperwork to run for another term serving St. Albans in the House of Representatives. We all know that 2020 is a very important election at all levels of government, but COVID-19 has made the stakes even higher on the state and local level. I'm proud to serve our community in the General Assembly, and I'd be honored to continue in that role next year. 

Usually we'd have wrapped up the legislative session by now and passed a budget to fund state government through July of 2021. The pandemic has created too much uncertainty for that, so over the next few weeks we'll be working on a partial budget, then breaking until August. 

As part of this effort on the House Transportation Committee, I presented language last week as we re-evaluate the $619M Transportation budget for FY21, which begins on July 1st. I was proud that we passed an amendment with most of my language on a tri-partisan 11-0 vote. COVID-19 has changed many of our plans, but we're still moving in the direction of a greener transportation future and keeping the door open for more investments in Vermont's economy, especially if more infrastructure funding comes from Washington. H.942 will fund our roads, bridges, rail and airports for the next year with no additional taxes or fees, and creates a path for flexibility as state revenues come in below the January forecast due to COVID-19. 

When we return there will be tough decisions to make as our entire economy and state tax revenues have changed drastically in the wake of COVID-19. I'm committed to making sure that we take care of vulnerable Vermonters, think strategically about our long-term goals and do right by the environment as we work with limited resources. You can read the House calendar or watch our online work on links available at . 

Thanks for the trust and faith you’ve put in me to represent St. Albans in the legislature. Keep wearing masks when you're out in public and following the CDC and Vermont Dept. of Health guidelines as we slowly return to more of our usual summer activities. Also, please join me for a socially-distanced Green Up Day on Saturday at 9am. I’ll be at the bag pickup location in Taylor Park. 

All the best,

Rep. Mike McCarthy 

St. Albans, VT (FRA 3-1)

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