The world seems to be going, you know where, in a hand basket.  Listening to the dangerous hog-wash coming out of the Oval Office, it’s easy to write off the human race as being irremediable judging from some of our leaders.

    But then, along comes a young lady, a student at BFA, who proves all your gloom and doom about humanity to be wrong.   She has organized a non-profit shopping service for seniors like my wife and me.  I know it’s non-profit because when we tried to tip her upon delivery of  about eight big bags of groceries she, very politely, refused.  This shopping chore must have taken several hours because it was supplies for a two week period. She and a friend delivered everything we had requested, some of which were specialty items not easily found.

    I won’t mention her name, because if I’ve sized her up correctly, it would embarrass her.  This is a case of pure, unselfish altruism from a teenager.  Don’t I wish this attitude would catch on with folks whose names I also won’t mention because I’m sick of hearing their names mentioned too many times, every day.

Al Salzman,


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