As we enter the second full week of our response to COVID-19, I wanted to take the time to thank every who has stepped up over the past few weeks and those who will continue to be called on to help as we confront this pandemic.  
I want to thank our first responders, nurses, doctors, lab techs, and everyone involved directly with responding to our neighbors with symptoms and who have COVID-19.  Without you, we would have no hope of incompating this epidemic.  Many essential persons need to be thanked too.  From our farmers to our grocers and service folks who help keep all of us feed, housed, and warm.  
Another group I want to thank is our teachers across the State.  As we have shut down schools and daycares for all except the children of essential persons in this response, you are stepping up to help make sure they can provide their essential work without worrying whether their children are safe.  I understand some are not happy with this arrangement and feel that you are overqualified to provide this service to our community.  I want to remind you that this is all hands on deck, and this is truly a global emergency and who better to help respond to his challenge than our teachers who are trained and have experience with children.  To my teacher friends out there, your skills make you one of our most prized public assets and that is why we invest nearly 40% of all state resources annually into you, our schools, and your benefits.  We need you now more than ever.  
Retooling our public and private assets to meet the challenges of the day has always been part of what makes America special.  Our distillers now make hand sanitizers, and private industries are retooling their manufacturing lines to make more critical medical equipment.  
My grandparents used this American spirit to confront fascism and oppression across the globe.  Our generation will use that same spirit to face an invisible enemy, but like our grandparents, we will step up and meet the challenge.  
In the coming weeks, I will be updating you all about our response to this crisis, but please feel free to reach out to me anytime.  My email is
Sen. Corey Parent
Franklin District

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