This is the latest from Michael Moore’s production company. It is not for the faint-hearted. I said “sorry” because this is the gloomiest, darkest, scariest appraisal of humankind’s chances for survival. It exposes the delusion of the so-called Green Revolution to save our butts. It would appear that our butts cannot be saved short of an unimaginable, highly improbable reduction in population, consumption and by implication, the end of the disease of capitalist accumulation. Because this film is so dire I hesitate to push the send button. What is very disturbing for Vermonters is the section on the MacNeil wood burning plant in Burlington which could stand as a symbol for human arrogance and stupidity.

Seventy years ago my summer camp director, Mr. Wellman, used to say: “If you have a tooth ache pour hot wax on your head and you won’t feel the tooth ache any more.” In other words if you have a serious problem find a distraction to divert your attention elsewhere.

In that vein, here’s Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell who prepared the infamous, lying presentation before the U.N., and was intimately involved in the Bush administration’s machinations to foment an illegal war with Iraq, absolving his sins by telling the agonizing truth about who and what we are as a society. Consider his explosive revelations the “hot wax” and our concerns about Covid 19, the “tooth ache.” And, in that light, consider the assassination of Iranian General Sulemani on the eve of impeachment proceedings against bozo the clown.

Al Salzman, Fairfax

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