ST. ALBANS – There are some people and faces that we just associate with special places in our life. When children return from the break, a face that has welcomed students, staff and families for 40 years will not be in the main office, front desk or library, she will be relaxing and enjoying her retirement. As we close out 2019, our very own Helene Biggie will be starting a new and well deserved chapter in her life. On December 12th people that have worked with Helene for the past 40 years gathered wearing the hats and bling that Helene is known for, to thank her for her service, friendship and the many memories.

Mrs Biggie started at St. Albans City School in 1980, and has watched many people, initiatives, and physical changes to the building over those years. As many declared the night we honored Helene, if you want to know how something works at St. Albans City School, just ask Mrs. Biggie. She is the voice and the face that we are so used to seeing and hearing. For so many years she was the person that managed the main office, announcements, busing, and so many things. Mrs. Biggie was there at Kindergarten registration and on stage for 8th grade graduation. She has touched so many lives in between.

Mrs. Biggie was the voice of morning annoucements for many years. When we moved away from announcements over the loudspeaker 10 years ago, many were worried about the Joke of the Week with Mrs. Biggie. Mr. Craib found a way to make sure that every Friday Mrs.Biggie was able to deliver her Joke of the Week in the on-line announcements. Those videos have played in every classroom.

This year as she was training others to take over her many roles, Mrs. Biggie was in the library where she merged her love of acting with her role at school and provides an amazing read aloud experience for our children. Watching her do a read-a-loud for children you can just feel the experience of her many years with Cardiac Capers. Being so close to our Maker Space, Helene has also helped students with sewing projects. Helene willingly shares many of her artistic talents.

Mrs. Biggie has been such a critical part of our School, it will be sad to not have her here every day, and yet we are all so happy for her to have the freedom and opportunities that she so deserves. Good bye Mrs. Biggie — we hope you will be back to visit.

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