SWANTON VILLAGE — Efficiency Vermont uploaded a new page to its website Monday, simply titled “Swanton.”

At the top of the page, over a portrait of Merchants Row, are the words: “Hi, Swanton! Ready to chip away at your energy bills?”

The page makes the process of reaching out to Efficiency Vermont as simple as possible for local business and/or home owners, curious about how they might cut energy costs.

Swanton Village is also now sending out Efficiency Vermont information sheets with village bills, so as many residents as possible are aware of this opportunity to cut costs.

Village officials often try to spread the word about cost-cutting opportunities through meetings. In fact, the idea to go above and beyond in promoting Efficiency Vermont’s services came from a series of meetings last October, forums on how to cut energy costs in apartments and homes, and in businesses, as well as forums on improving transportation options, agriculture, tourism, the arts, marketing and getting youths involved in community improvement work. Representatives from the Vermont Council on Rural Development led the discussions, funded by a competitive grant the VCRD awarded the village in 2017, but a team of Swanton residents — calling themselves the “Swanton Energy Initiative” — chose the topics, based on local relevance.


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