FAIRFAX – John J. Martell, Sr., of Fairfax, Vt., born on January 3, 1948, passed away on April 6, 2020, at Saint Albans hospital.

He was married to his pre-deceased wife Priscilla A. Martell of 50 years. They had six children together; John Martell, Jr., Richard Martell, Crystal Rockwell, Parrish Martell, Priscilla Bessette, and Savana Martell, along with their spouses Linda Martell, Dale Bessette, and Adolph Mangler. He had a brother named Patrick Lowe and a sister Dorothy Solis, along with his sisters- and brothers-in-law; June Therrien, Veronica Brook, Pay Therrien and Richard Begins. John Sr. also had a few grandchildren, who loved him very much; Dakota Martell, Steven Rockwell, Clifford Rockwell, Cindy Martell, Mindy Martell, Skyler Martell Bessette, Desire Leroux, Kodie Bessette, Rebecca Martell, Jake Martell, Jeremy Martell, Anthony Martell, Avery and Jennifer.

He also loved when he was able to talk with and see his great-grandchildren; it always put a smile on his face that would light up the room. He had two dogs named Cracker and Lucky Lady, who were like his shadow and he would take them on car rides to go get ice cream.

John J. Martell, Sr., isn’t or wasn’t no ordinary man; he was extraordinary and a true family man. Over the years he loved doing things with his children. He took them on vacations to New York for go-cart ridding, lawn sailing, and horse shows, and he liked going hunting and cutting up deer. He enjoyed going bowling with his children, and he even liked fishing and making homemade chowder. He also loved watching his children play sports; he was always the loudest on the stands.

John Sr. enjoyed going to penny bingo every Tuesday at the VFW in St. Albans as well. John really enjoyed when holidays and family BBQs came around because it brought so much joy to him to see everyone. It also gave him the chance to tell his jokes and to see everyone laugh and having a good time.

John was a hero to so many; he always new the right thing to say and he would do anything for anyone. He would give you the shirt off his back, and he would even tell you his door is always open if you need a place to stay.

John was always a hardworking man, who always believed in supporting his family and sticking by their sides no matter what. He was everyone’s rock and motivation to always believe in themselves and to never give up when times got tough. John J. Martell, Sr., is going to be missed by so many for his laugh, smile, joy, compassion, happiness, jokes and even his temper when he had one. Maybe gone but never forgotten.

There will be a celebration of life held at a later date.

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