the Vermont Agency of Transportation is predicting smooth commuting this morning. Read their full report below.

As of 6:00 a.m. Friday, January 3rd

Statewide Outlook:

Good morning to all of you in the world of transportation. As I sit and ponder the early morning hours looking for information, seeking out data, searching the monitors and looking for signs of life in the heartbeat of VTrans, a calm serenity within the state exists. The radio is quiet, the phone is silent the VTrans drivers have finished their assignment. Easy to see that Mother Nature was taking a break on the roads of Vermont during the night time hours. Roads throughout the state are in the condition of bare and wet and in lots of areas…dry. Temperatures over the state for the second half of the night coming into the early morning hours were hovering the freezing mark/low to mid and even upper 30’s. While motorists should always be cautious of any wet roadways the morning commute should roll along smoothly.

Northeast/Northwest region of VT:

The northeastern and northwest parts of the state will continue to see bare and wet roads. Temps for the first half of the day will be in the range of mid to upper 30’s, cloudy skies and winds south 5–10 mph.

Central VT:

Much of the same as northeastern and northwest parts of the state with the exception of the temps a bit more favorable at mid to upper 30’s to low 40’s cloudy skies and winds from the south.

Southern VT:

The southern area of our state which will also be following the model of central Vermont as far as temps are concerned will also have scattered light rain showers coming into the area between 6 am and 9 am. Winds from the west 5-10 mph. All and all commuting throughout the state looks to be very favorable.

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