FRANKLIN COUNTY — Area residents interested in learning about suicide prevention skills and the framework for suicide safer care can sign up for one of two webinars that will be offered through the end of the year.

The Zero Suicide webinar will explain an evidence-based set of principles and practices for suicide prevention with health and mental health systems. This approach requires a system-wide program to improve outcomes and close gaps. The webinar describes how systematic suicide care closes gaps for the suicidal person, what is involved in the implementation of a Zero-Suicide approach, and what resources exist to support this work. This webinar will be held from 8-9 a.m. on Aug. 19 and Oct. 21.

The Umatter suicide prevention awareness webinar will provide an overview of the skills needed to help identify those who may need support. The webinar focuses on how to begin the process of becoming “gatekeeper” and build on resiliency resources in the community and workplace. It is important for staff in settings that will adopt suicide screening and assessment to have a basic understanding of the role of the gatekeeper. The webinar is specifically designed for anyone who wants to become more comfortable with the topic of suicide and with talking about suicide with others.

The webinar will be held from 8-9 a.m. on Sept. 16 and Dec. 9.

For more information about both webinars, visit healthandlearning.org and click “Event Calendar,” or email info@healthandlearning.org.

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