FRANKLIN COUNTY — The U.S. Census Bureau has launched a challenge this week for Vermont’s counties to see which county can increase its census self-response rate by the greatest percentage.

Franklin County’s self-response rate is currently 61.3 percent, placing it sixth behind Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden and Essex counties.

PUSH week, which runs from July 27 to August 2, includes local events and activities, as well as Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance events. A mobile assistance event is scheduled for July 31 at the Fairfax Farmers Market from 5-8 p.m.

The county that increases its self-response rate by the highest percentage over its current rate will be named the winner. Results will be announced on Aug. 4.

Residents will be able to self-respond to the 2020 Census at any time prior to Oct. 31.

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