Time capsule

The original Time Capsule was removed from the corner stone in October to get ready for the event.

On Feb. 20, St. Albans City School marks the completion of our year-long celebration of City School’s 50th Birthday. Last year at this time we started the celebration by learning about the history of the School. This year we focused on looking at how well we did against the original vision for the School. Thursday night will include Unified Arts Performances, a video look at our current state; and, to cap off the evening, we will open the 1970 Time Capsule! We will then pull together a new time capsule that will tell our story for future City School students to look back at life in 2020.

Last year we learned that St. Albans City School was designed to bring together students from many smaller local schools throughout the city; The Church Street School next to Taylor Park, The Elm Street School, near Lake Street, Barlow Street School, on the Corner of Upper Welden Street, The Messenger Street School, on the corner of Upper Newton Street, Fairfield School, halfway between downtown and the Medical Center, Holy Angels Parochial School, and St. Mary’s School on Fairfield Street. The city decided it would be best for the community to build a consolidated school with modern facilities and equipment for science, physical education, art, practical arts and the standards of math, reading and writing.

Throughout the past year we have continued to learn more about the School and the many people that have gone through our building. Our daily announcements have included pictures from then and now, middle school pictures of staff members that went to school here, and many interesting bits of information. Our students have been guessing what could be in the time capsule, and planning for what they want to put in a time capsule for future students.

Last year at our Annual Unified Arts Night we looked at the School as it was 50 years ago, to understand why and how our School was built. Many original sources were interviewed to create this historical understanding. This year we will look at the School as it is today and compare that to the vision set forth when it was built. The video created this year reflects interviews with those currently in the various roles, each reflecting on the vision and where we are today.

The celebration, hosted by our Unified Arts Team, will go from 5:00-7:00, primarily in the large gym. There will be displays throughout the hallways looking at pictures from 50 years ago compared to the same view now, old yearbooks, student visions of what the school will look like in 2070, and artifacts for the new time capsule.

Along with the displays, starting at 5:15, there will be several performances; including chorus, dance, and African drumming. A twenty minute video, of how the School did against the vision, will follow the live performances, utilizing our large new projection screen on the stage. Finally, again using the new screen, the old time capsule will be opened to reveal what was hidden in the corner stone of the School 50 years ago. This will be a special night, designed to share our history, and enjoy many of the current programs offered to students at our School. We look forward to sharing this informative, fun night with our students and our community.

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