SETDA Student Voices Award Webinar

ST. ALBANS CITY- On Dec. 12 from 1-2 p.m. as more than 650 people worldwide signed in and watched, six students from St. Albans City School, hosted a Ed-Web Webinar. This was the final step in our State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Student Voices Award. The students, Mackenzie Smith, Annabelle Peak, Elliot DesLauriers, Duffy Smith, Amelia Pinkham, and Alexis LaFreniere were the presenters working under the direction of our Innovation Specialist, Grace Borst.

St. Albans City School’s first Webinar was titled, “Students Leverage Technology Tools and Makerspaces to Personalize Learning”. In the webinar each of the 6 students talked about their education and ways that they were able to add their voice to their education using the many technology and ‘making’ opportunities at our school. Students have spent weeks getting ready for this moment. They each had a project or component of learning that they wanted to share. They documented their story, created artifacts to help tell the story, then rehearsed.

Arizona, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wyoming, Texas, New York, Pakistan, Lithuania, Florida, were just some of the places logged in for the event. As the event unfolded, a chat took place on one side of the screen. Participants from all over were commenting as students presented. “The use of technology and its integration into the school is very impressive.” one participant commented, and another remarked on our e-portfolio system, “Love how reflection has become part of the school culture.”

The students were well prepared. Grace introduced and summed up the presentation, and in between, each student shared their component. Amelia started by introducing how the school uses technology and the personal learning plan e-portfolios. Annabelle talked about the role Stewardship plays at our school, and how technology supports those projects. Elliot and Duffy shared the new College Week that is happening now, and the trophies they are designing for the event along with how they decided on the design. Mackenzie shared her campaign to stop the use of straws in St. Albans while Alexis explained how she was using the 3-D printer to create key chains to raise funds to support the Humane Society.

Once again people commented on how nice it was to see students leading a presentation. We continue to be so proud as a school of our students, teachers and community. When it was all over the students celebrated with a party featuring shrimp cocktail. They were clearly proud of a job well done.