BERKSHIRE – Early last Friday morning, the calves weren’t the only young ones out-and-about on Berkshire’s Pleasant Valley Farms.

Teams of children from Berkshire and Richford strutted around the farm’s calf barn, leading their team’s respective calf on an impromptu parade as they readied those calves for a show later that day.

“That’s what we build up to,” said Megan Terrell, an organizer of Pleasant Valley Farms’ annual dairy camp. “Every day they’ll come and walk and wash their calves… and today we’ll have the show and their parents will come and watch.”

Cows were pet. Hugs were had.

Terrell and a handful of interns and volunteers from NOTCH watched as kids readied their calves for that afternoon’s show.

“The first day they come here, they’re a little shy,” Terrell said. “On the second day, though, they’re running over here and are ready to go.

“They just really enjoy the experience.”

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