Teachers perform on Skit Night

MVU teachers Jean Gagne and Vanka Menard perform on Skit Night

The first annual MVU Skit Nite was held in 1970 and was originally called “Stunt Night”.

The idea for Skit Nite came from a similar production by Rice High School, where Mr. Daniels brought a group of MVU students to see the production. At the end of the night, the students decided that MVU would benefit from having an activity similar to what they just saw at Rice. And they were right.

From the very beginning Skit Nite has been a hit for students, families, and community members.

With an average of 120 students participating each year, with 600 community members attending Skit Nite, it has become an annual tradition at MVU.

When Mr. Daniels was asked about the most important thing about Skit Nite his reply was, “Skit Nite is an incredible event and the evidence is how long it has lasted.” Over the years we can see just how true Mr. Daniel’s response was.

Mrs. Jane Murray worked with Mr. Daniels from the very first Skit Nite until the mid 80’s, then ran Skit Nite by herself until 1998; she was an adviser for Skit Nite for 20 years. When asked what she thought was amazing about Skit Nite she said, “The neatest thing about Skit Nite is that so many students are involved. It brings about the greatest amount of school spirit and really unites the classes.”

During 1998, a retired championship cage fighter, Mrs. Jean Gagne, took the reins, forming the Skit Nite that we all see, know and love today. During Mrs. Gagne’s first year, Skit Nite was held twice in one calendar year, due to construction of the theater. The date was moved from November to January and took place for only one night, instead of its normal two nights because of an ice storm in 1999. When asked what the most important thing about Skit Nite was, she responded, “With the theater being filled to capacity each night the money raised goes to many charities such as: Operation Happiness, Make-A-Wish Foundation, nursing homes during the holiday season, and many of the MVU families and community members in need. Skit Nite helps make our MVU community a better place.”

Other little facts: The class of 1976 is the only class ever to win Skit Nite all four years. The class of 2001 and 2007 won three out of their four years. Under the direction of Vanka Menard, the class of 2007 made Skit Nite history by being the only class to have perfect scores given by all six judges on both nights. To top everything off, Skit Nite is one of MVU’s longest running traditions.

Skit Nite 2019 winners were the Class of 2020, which took first place and the Class of 2021, which came in second.

MVU Class of 2020

MVU’s Class of 2020 takes a bow on Skit Night.

Now that Skit Nite has come to an end for the year, MVU student council is working on collecting winter gear, toys and non-perishable food for the MVU coat and food drive, which are donated to Operation Happiness. With the help of the students and fellow community members, we hope to collect an abundance of hats, gloves/mittens, coats, ski pants, and toys. All items can be brought to the MVU front desk now until mid December.

During the holiday season, Student council will be take a trip to local retirement homes to spread holiday cheer. We will be visiting the Franklin Carriage House, Lady of The Meadow and Franklin County Rehab during the month of December.

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