Dina Fitzgerald, 3-23-2020

Dina Fitzgerald, a second grade teacher at the St. Albans Town Educational Center (SATEC), waves to students from her vehicle as a parade of SATEC teachers wound through St. Albans.

ST. ALBANS TOWN – As a parade of teachers from the St. Albans Town Educational Center (SATEC) finished its drive through St. Albans Town, parents and teachers shared their photos and thoughts of the town-wide tour with the Messenger.

"They did an amazing job and the kids loved it (and as I parent, I did too)," wrote parent Jen Elwood.

"This was a huge moral booster for everyone," wrote parent Laurel Broich. "We are a close community and I think we realized how much we actually miss each other."

The ride, according to the parade's organizer, SATEC health teacher and nurse Cathy Stetz, took more than two and a half hours total.

See below for a gallery of photos from the day’s parade:

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