Farming in focus: Mayor’s photo contest puts spotlight on agriculture

ST. ALBANS CITY — Dozens of people trickled in and out of City Hall Thursday evening, slowly examining 130 pictures lining the auditorium’s perimeter between nibbles of macaroons and goat cheese spreads.

Although the city’s mayor, Tim Smith, provided a theme for the inaugural Mayor’s Photo Competition, agriculture, the contest’s entries were diverse.

Some took scenic shots of barns. Some focused on humans on the farm, grandchildren trailing behind a grandparent, a child befriending a pig. Others focused on farm critters themselves: chickens, pigs, horses, goats.

And cows, of course. Lots of cows. Straight shots, arty angles, like several udders, ready for milking, against a background of heavenly clear light.

Onlookers at the contest’s City Hall reception were similarly diverse. Seeing officials like Smith’s predecessor, former mayor Liz Gamache, or the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery’s president, Leon Berthiaume, was no surprise. But many of the onlookers were families, even small children taking in the pictures of the animals, the farms, their neighbors, their county.


Read the full story in Friday’s Messenger. 

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