ENOSBURG FALLS/RICHFORD – The Enosburg Richford Unified School District (ERUUSD) has received a $25,000 grant from the Agency of Education to develop a training program to help teachers improve their skills as Personalized Learning Plan advisors.

Volunteers from the EFHS Student Government Association will work with teacher-advisors from Enosburg Falls High School (EFHS) and Richford Junior Senior High School (RJSHS) to develop a training program. The plan is to pilot this program at Enosburg Falls High School and share this system with students and faculty at RJSHS, helping to keep consistency and equity between the two high schools in the ERUUSD.

Together, this team will assist the student volunteers in developing a system for improving the Personalized Learning Plan process. This will include the creation of a PLP template, plan for implementation, plan for sustainability of the system, and a plan for how to evaluate the system’s success. In April, 2020, the student members of this team will train the faculty at EFHS in this new system. These teachers will then incorporate this new system into their FY21 curricula.

The system, and all accompanying materials, will be compiled into a resource for Enosburg Falls High School, Richford Junior Senior & High School, and posted on the AOE website as a shared resource for other schools. Teacher-advisor team members include: Maggie Cavazos (EFHS), Nicola Cribb (EFHS), Amber Emmell (EFHS), Lis Erickson (RJSHS), Kris Hoyt (RJSHS), Russ LaMantia (EFHS), Gabrielle Lumbra (EFHS), and Larissa Urban (EFHS). Student team members include: Wonder Bilodeau, Allison Bowen, Tiauna Clark, Brianna Demag, Elizabeth Demag, Megan Vachon, and Kyra Weatherwax.

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