Carole Beckert

Carole Beckert, recipient on this year’s Spirit of Bethany award, has been volunteering at Martha’s Kitchen for the past five years.

ST. ALBANS –Today we are ever grateful for Carole Beckert who has received this year’s Spirit of Bethany Award!

In the fall of 2016 we started a new tradition of acknowledging a community member who not only strives but surpasses this Spirit of Compassion and dedication to a population that is too often shamed and harmed. The original kitchen of Martha’s, during the early days of Christ, was in a village called Bethany, not too far from Jerusalem. Bethany was the site of an almshouse for the poor and a place of care for the sick. In the Gospels, we see there is a hint of association between Bethany and care for the unwell; Simon the Leper’s house, (society’s unwanted), Jesus receives urgent word of Lazarus’ illness from Bethany, Jesus seeks solace, comfort and nourishment at Martha’s home. Thus Bethany received its name because it was in essence the “poorhouse par excellence”, the poorhouse which alleviated poverty closest to the holy city Jerusalem.

Carole Beckert has been a stalwart at Martha’s Kitchen for five years and how blessed we are to have her. As with many of our volunteers, Carole is quiet and humble in her ways, she seeks no recognition nor thanks as she toils at whatever is asked of her, frequently offering extra assistance in times of need. She offers good sense and clear perspectives at whatever problem might arise. Carole exemplifies the spirit of Bethany in her every day practice of love and compassion offered to all equally, her kind gentle smile is a reassuring beacon to all of the warm camaraderie, trust and friendship that makes Martha’s kitchen a safe haven for all enter our doors.

Spreading Peace and goodness,

Martha’s Kitchen

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