ST. ALBANS — The Collins-Perley Sports & Fitness Center’s new snack bar should be open in time for the Bellows Free Academy Varsity Football’s first home game on Sept. 6.

Construction on the facility began in April.

The facility will include men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as a unisex restroom for day use during the warmer months.

It will also feature a water filling station.

The proximity of restrooms may make a big difference to those attending games or events near the Collins-Perley track.

Attendees previously used portalets, when available, usually until late October. And when they weren’t available, attendees had to walk back to the central complex and use the restrooms inside.

That may seem like a simple inconvenience, but for older residents, or those with physical disabilities, that walk can make a lot of difference.

The new facility is entirely handicap accessible, including a third window at the snack bar for the convenience of physically disabled customers or employees.

The original snack bar stood on the property for about 30 years, ever since the complex’s construction circa 1987.

First Response Labor showed up on Easter Sunday to demolish the building, but the weather was too wet. They began the next day instead.

Among the project’s contributors was Ryan Charbonneau, who passed away after an equipment accident in late July.

Tim Smith, a member of the committee overseeing the project, said Charbonneau agreed to essentially donate stone for the project and charge only transportation costs.

But Smith said when Charbonneau’s invoices came in, totaling $7,500, they were all marked as paid. So Smith called up Charbonneau.

“I said, ‘We had a deal,’” Smith remembered. “And he said, ‘Nope. It’s taken care of.’”

The list of contributors to the project is extensive, and board members wandering the construction site Tuesday had no shortage of praise for all of them.

They include Connor Contracting, Harrison Concrete, CL Concrete, DMC electric, RMB Excavating, Bennett Plumbing and Heating, Sticks ‘n’ Stuff, Cross Consulting Engineers, Trowel Trades, Champlain Door and People’s Trust Company.

Contributing organizations include St. Albans City and Town, the Maple Run Unified School District, the St. Albans Football Association and, of course, the Collins-Perley Sports and Fitness Center.

The Messenger will report more on the project after its opening — hopefully right before the big game that first week of September.