10th Regiment of Foot Soldier Uniform – 1775

The Saint Albans Museum features a replica uniform for a soldier from the 10th Regiment of Foot, a British military unit stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Those troops were sent by King George to suppress rebellion in Boston in October 1775.

The uniform was created after consulting the original English company which had produced them back in the late 1700s, using the exact specifications and similar materials. It features a “Bearskin” helmet with the unit motto NEC ASPERA TERRET which translates as “Not even difficulties will deter us.”

The soldier depicted is a Grenadier, a specialist who carried hand grenades in a leather pouch and lit the fuses with “punk” that was in a brass canister.

Despite our research, SAM has not been able to determine exactly what “punk” is…can you help us?

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