50th anniversary of St. Albans City School

Two students and Mitch Craib, shown here, are working on a documentary for the 50th anniversary of St. Albans City School.

For the upcoming 50th anniversary of St. Albans City School, Mitch Craib, a staff member, and two students are working towards making a documentary about the early years of the school and the development of educational facilities in St. Albans, Vermont.

They are especially interested in photographs related to St. Albans City School around its opening, photographs related to the smaller local schools (ex: Messenger Street School, Fairfield Street School, Barlow Street School, St. Mary’s, Elm Street School, The St. Albans Bay School), class or special event photographs, as well as relevant stories, or any other contributions you could make to the documentary.

If you have something to share related to the beginning of SACS or the former neighborhood schools, and are willing to be interviewed about, then please contact the Saint Albans Museum at (802) 527-7933 or museum@stamuseum.org and Mitch Craib at mcraib@maplerun.org.