ST. ALBANS – This is one of the many photos the Saint Albans Museum has in its collection, taken by the St. Albans photographer William D. Chandler.

This view, taken on High Street looking north from Congress Street, shows a tranquil scene. We also have a post card in our collection taken at this exact location, enabling us to compare many of the beautiful old homes.

Once again, we see the majestic elms lost to disease many years ago. 

On the telephone pole to the left, you can see one of the many fire alarm boxes (here #26) that were located throughout St. Albans years ago.

As a donation in 2018, the museum received this listing of the fire box locations. On the bottom right, it states “No school, 10 blasts-all Grade school” and “Air Raid Alerts or Air Raid Take Cover” the number of blasts listed. It also mentions the Fire Chief at the time was J.S. Cioffi.

On the right side of the street, there is a small, round sign stating: “No parking on this side of the street.” 

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