Pictured above is Edson Joseph Chamberlin, who was born in Lancaster, N.H., and later became a St. Albans resident. He began working with the Central Vermont Railroad in the 1870s, sparking a long career in service of several railway systems. Some of those railway systems connected Vermont to the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.

The book shown below was presented to Chamberlin following the dissolution of the Canada Atlantic Railway when the Grand Trunk Railway absorbed it. Chamberlin served as the general manager of the Canada Atlantic Railway. The gift was an expression of the gratitude for Chamberlin’s contributions to the railway

In 1912, Chamberlin became the President of the Grand Trunk Railway when his predecessor, Charles M. Hays, lost his life during the sinking of the Titanic. Chamberlin presided as President until 1917. Although he faces certain difficulties during his tenure, he committed much of his life to a railway that serviced Saint Albans and other Vermonters. He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Saint Albans.

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