Juices from Juice Amour

Juice Amour offers all-organic, gluten-free and vegan smoothies.

ST. ALBANS CITY—Juice Amour brings fresh options to those in the St. Albans area seeking healthier food and a healthier environment.

This juice bar and cafe, located in The Fitness Zone at 248 N Main St., offers all-organic, gluten-free and vegan smoothies, juices, tacos and bowls while striving to minimize its impact on the environment.

“We’re essentially zero waste,” said Katie Churchill, who manages Juice Amour’s St. Albans location. “As close as we can get.”

Juice Amour uses only glass jars and compostable single-use materials. The company also composts all of its organic waste such as the pulp from juices and smoothies, some of which goes to local farms.

Juice Amour opened its St. Albans location last December, and the community feedback so far has been positive, according to Churchill.

“A lot of people were like, ‘Thank you for being here,’” Churchill said. “There’s not a ton of vegan options.”

But Churchill also noted the challenges of being an all-vegan cafe and juice bar.

“Some people come in an ask which (Taco) has meat in it, and were like, ‘They don’t,’” she said. Sometimes those customers “put the brakes on” quickly.

The biggest challenge is “getting over that stigma and educating people, getting them over that fear,” she said.

Nicky Garrow stops in to Juice Amour weekly, and although she attends a different gym than The Fitness Zone where Juice Amour is located, she “makes the trek” there when she’s done her workout.

Garrow placed her order as Churchill weaved back and forth from the kitchen to the counter. Garrow said she plans to do one of Juice Amour’s juice cleanse kits that are available online and on location.

“A friend of mine did one and she still raves about it,” Garrow said, laughing. “That’s probably my next investment into this company.”

St. Albans is the company’s third location, all of which are in Vermont.

Juice Amour also offers catering and online ordering. And although not all of its menu is available online, customers can call in to place an order from the full menu, said Grace Coburn, who works at the St. Albans location.

Churchill said she appreciates having a job with a positive impact on both people and the environment.

“The excitement from people when they’re consistently eating well and see the difference that it’s making—that’s the best,” she said.

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