Initiative calls for full-time coordinator

Left to right, Ward Heneveld, Jim Cameron, Sandy Ferland and Dave Tryhorne partake in an impromptu Initiative snack-off at the start of Thursday’s meeting.

ENOSBURG FALLS — For the first time, an Enosburgh Initiative meeting ran past its 7 p.m. deadline Thursday night, pressed on by a passionate conversation about a proposed economic development coordinator.

Jim Cameron proposed the position to the town selectboard and the village board of trustees at the boards’ joint meeting in Oct. 2018. Since then, Cameron and a handful of other regular Initiative volunteers comprised a planning group to workshop the position with the selectboard.

Cameron said at last night’s meeting the planning group has spoken with the board at multiple selectboard meetings about the position, trying both to clarify the individual’s role, which would extend far beyond the grant-writing work Cameron focused on in pitching the job at that October meeting, and to ease the board’s concerns about what the position could cost taxpayers.

And while the selectboard seems poised to include the position in its proposed budget, Cameron said the board is divided over whether the position should be full-time, with the majority of the board seeming to lean toward a part-time position.

Locals who attended last night’s Initiative meeting were vehemently for a full-time position. They seemed in agreement that a full-time position will prove more cost-effective than a part-time because of the quality of candidates a full-time position may attract.


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Initiative favors full-time grant writer