ENOSBURG FALLS — Sitting home and mowing down watching football might sound like a good Thanksgiving, but it’s now what Bonnie Hayes wants.

Hayes owns and manages Farm to Table, the breakfast restaurant on Main Street here in the village.

And for the second year in a row, Farm to Table is hosting a free Thanksgiving meal open to anyone at all.

The meal is on Thanksgiving Day from 12-4 p.m. Hayes said it’s a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal — turkey, stuffing, the works.

Hayes and Farm to Table aren’t doing it alone. 242 Texas BBQ is helping, which opens next week in the space formerly occupied by Bleachers Sports Pub. So is Montgomery’s Belfry Restaurant & Pub.

Hayes said the Belfry is contributing potatoes for the meal and 242 is smoking turkeys the local Hannaford donated.

Hayes said she’s “flattered” to have the Belfry and 242 helping out this year, not just in preparing food but in actively assisting with the meal itself.

Which still needs donations.

Here’s what Hayes said is still needed: rolls, butter, cranberry sauce, pickles and olives.

Drop donations off at Farm to Table, 303 Main Street, or call the restaurant, 933-4473, and ask for Bonnie.

Hayes said her inaugural free Thanksgiving meal last year was “over the top incredible to me” both in donations and attendance.

In fact, concerning the former, Hayes said last year’s meal received so many donations she brought leftovers to a Burlington homeless shelter.

Hayes said, “It was kind of emotional, to be honest with you.”

She seemed taken aback when asked what inspired these free meals.

“I just love charity and I love to give,” Hayes said.

“It’s just way of giving ... helping people that can’t afford a big meal on Thanksgiving.

“I’m not going to have a big meal in the living room and a football game on the TV when there are people who can’t afford to eat.”