ENOSBURG FALLS — It’s hard to imagine leaving your non-human companion’s health in warmer hands than those at Enosburg Veterinary Care.

The freshly opened veterinary clinic is one of the renovated buildings lighting up the corner of Depot Street, right next door to the Quincy Hotel.

Those who entrusted their pet care to the Animal Doctor, on Water Tower Road, will no doubt be happy to hear the Animal Doctor’s staff has transferred to Enosburg Veterinary Care.

That includes the business’s new owners, Annie Wagner and Sarah Branon-Menard.

But the best news is that the clinic’s new space is triple that of the former location, allowing the clinic to take on new clients again.

The Animal Doctor’s location was about 1,000 square feet. The Enosburg Veterinary Care’s current space is closer to 3,000 square feet.

That allows room for growth, not to mention general room to maneuver for the clinic’s staff. But Wagner and Branon-Menard said that, maybe more importantly, it also allows room for clients and their beloved pets’ shared emotional needs.

“If a dog comes in and it’s nervous, we can put them in one of those exam rooms,” Wagner said, where they can “just wait for surgery and the client can sit with them while they’re getting sedated, where, before, there was no nice place really to let people have time with their pets where they could be out of the way and quiet.”

“We’ve seen benefits of that already,” Branon-Menard said. “... The animals just seem so much more relaxed.”

The entire moving process, from idea to opening, happened in a whirlwind year.

“I think we’re just really grateful,” Wagner said. “This was a crazy year. It was just so crazy.”

“All the different things fell into place,” Branon-Menard said.

Both expressed a sense of wonder about that, including praise for Jim Cameron and Ward Heneveld, who initially guided them, and contractor Matt Hale of MH Building. That included thrifty maneuvers like claiming counters and doors from the Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists (BEVS) in Williston on the weekends during BEVS’ move to a new location.

“I think we just had good people,” Wagner said. “I think we had a good clients who put up with us over there for so long...” and she laughed.

“They’re so happy. They come in and they’re just so happy for us.”

“It makes you happy to see them come through with a big smile on their face,” Branon-Menard said. “That’s a very nice feeling.”

Call Enosburg Veterinary Care at 933-4533.

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