SWANTON — The Swanton Chamber of Commerce is bringing a new swan to Swanton.

The swan will replace the most recent incarnation of Betty, who passed away in October, barely more than three months after she and the latest incarnation of Sam arrived in the village park.

Even then, the Chamber secured the swans only after years of negotiation with state agencies and, basically, swan dealers. The State of Vermont officially considers swans an invasive species, and Betty’s previous incarnation passed away with similar abruptness in 2009, cause of death undetermined.

But Swanton Chamber President Suzanne Washburn said this time the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife swiftly granted permission for the village to acquire a new swan. Amyloidosis caused this last Betty’s death, a protein-formation abnormality with which Betty was already afflicted when she arrived in Swanton.

The village is purchasing this new swan, also female, from Bob Knox, who owns and operates Knox Swan & Dog out of Illinois. Knox Swan uses mute swans to scare Canada geese off customers’ land — the company’s website, canadiangoosecontrol.com, features multiple action shots of imposing swans spreading their wings and terrifying previously comfortable geese.

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