ST. ALBANS — The First Congregational Church is beginning its first fall concert series, comprised of entirely local artists. Those whose first thought is of the pain their spine might endure as they shift in the church pews, listening to three classical movements without interruption, are in for a surprise, according to Erin Grainger, the church’s music director.

Yes, the performers in the church’s fall series use more “traditional” instruments: flutes, clarinets and cellos, for example. But Grainger cautioned against dismissing those and similar instruments as simply “classical.”

“There’s so many other things that those groups of instruments can do to be entertaining,” she said, “even though they aren’t plugged into an amplifier.”

Take Frevo, for example, one of the four acts Grainger has lined up for the fall concert series. Frevo is a clarinet, a cello, a flute and a guitar. The name “Frevo,” Grainger explained, refers to what she called “a wild Brazilian dance.” And the group does, in fact, play Brazilian music, as well as a selection of Beatles tunes — as Grainger said, “It’s not a standard classical music setup.”

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