If you filled your gas tank in Milton between 2012 and 2015, you may be part of the settlement class in a lawsuit alleging Maplefields owner R.L. Vallee. S. B. Collins, and other gas station owners agreed to fix prices in Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

The proposal includes a $1.5 million dollar settlement fund, with $5,000 designated for each plaintiff in the case and payments to persons and businesses who qualify in the Settlement Class.

Claim forms were mailed to hundreds of Vermonters in the northwestern kingdom in February following the defendants’ agreement to settle, which should have final approval at a hearing on May 11.

Settlement class members may submit a claim by sending receipts or credit card statements documenting gas purchases between dates April 1, 2012 and June 22, 2015, or “by submitting a claim for a standard share for each temporal period during the Class period that the claimant resided in the class area, owned a qualified on road vehicle, and purchased gasoline from an eligible station,” according to the notice.

Defendants Vallee, S.B. Collins, Inc., Wesco, Inc., and Champlain Oil Company, Inc. deny allegations that they conspired to fix the prices of gasoline and allocate customers in northwestern Vermont, but “agreed to settle to avoid the costs and uncertainties of litigation.”

Eligible stations in Milton include:

  • Middle Road Market
  • Midtown Short Stop
  • Milton Beverage
  • Milton Redwood Short Stop
  • Simon’s Milton

Claims must be submitted by March 26 to receive payment. For more information on the lawsuit, how to submit and where to send claims, visit www.vtfuelclassaction.com.

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