SHELDON — With some of the tobacco money the school receives, Mrs. Jerose asked us to make Anti-Smoking/Cessation Banners around the school, as well as bus magnets for, well, the bus. This was all in the hopes of spreading health awareness about tobacco products, like cigarette use in cars, or the effects of secondhand smoke in children (That’s what mine is personally about.)

All of the schools (Sheldon, Highgate, Franklin, Swanton, and MVU) have banners, as well as magnets on the buses, in hopes of promoting cessation, mainly to parents who may use tobacco products.

The data we used to build this plan was from the school health index, which stated that we needed to “Increase health promotion of tobacco cessation and prevention.” We also used our Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, which indicated 43% of Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union middle school students were in the same room with someone who was smoking in the past 30 days, versus 28% of middle school students statewide.

It was kind of fun to make the banners! I met with Mrs. Jerose at recess, and I spent the rest of the day messing around with Google Drawings. The first idea I came up (the boy and his dad) actually turned out to be one of the final products!

The second one (with the boys in the car) took a bit more brainstorming, but we ended up with the poster of the boys.

I hope that these posters will convince someone to at least look into the effects of secondhand smoking. And if one person decides to quit smoking because of these banners, then I believe the project to be a success.

Sheldon sixth-grader Brooklyn Rainville shows off the “Quit Smoking” sign now hanging on a local school bus. (Courtesy Photo)