ST. ALBANS CITY — Judge Greg Rainville threw out a plea agreement in the case of Zackk Trombly, who shot Dustin Davenport in the Holy Angels Church parking lot in February 2017, after statements from Davenport’s family and outbursts from Trombly in court here Wednesday afternoon.

State prosecutors charged Trombly with attempted second-degree murder after the Feb. 23, 2017 shooting, a crime punishable by 20 years to life.

State’s Attorney Jim Hughes and Trombly’s defense attorney, Bob Katims, recently reached a plea agreement sentencing Trombly to a 20-year sentence, 13 of which Trombly would spend in jail. Trombly would be on probation for the last seven of those years.

The Franklin County Criminal Court set Trombly’s case for sentencing yesterday.

Statements read by Shannon Davenport, Dustin’s mother, made all the difference.

Davenport said she has spent $840,000 on medical bills for her younger daughter after the shooting, which Davenport said the girl witnessed from Dustin’s bedroom window.

Her daughter pulled out her hair and ate it, in a state of shock, while at the University of Vermont Medical Center for Dustin. Davenport said doctors concluded her daughter is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She said her daughter’s pancreas ruptured from the hair consumption while the family was out to the movies, trying to distract themselves from the horror of the shooting.

Her daughter was the next of Davenport’s children rushed to emergency care. Doctors determined the girl ate three-and-a-half pounds of hair, which they removed from her stomach and photographed. Davenport showed the picture to the judge.

She showed several pictures to the judge, including multiple shots of Davenport’s disfigured face in a hospital bed immediately after the shooting.

“There’s my boy,” Davenport told Rainville, voice cracking.

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